What to Say?

7 Secrets of Remarkable Communication Techniques that Produce Remarkable Results

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It's no secret - communication is your most important skill.  And yet, it can be difficult sometimes to know what to say in some situations.

In this powerful audio CD program, Pamela Jett, CSP, shares seven secrets of remarkable communication for remarkable results so that you can more confidently know what to say.

When you purchase this engaging communication audio you will:

  • Discover why communicating from your core is the foundation of your communication success.
  • Never again lay awake wondering what to say when you need to have a difficult conversation.
  • Learn specific tools for giving negative feedback without triggering defensiveness.
  • Master the art of “future-focused” communication to help you achieve positive results.
  • Uncover secrets of “accountable communication” so you are seen as a positive professional (you will learn specific words to use and words to lose).

Join Pamela Jett and learn the secret that words matter and you too can begin to use remarkable communication for remarkable results.

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