Mind Your Own Business

A Career Management System

'Mind Your Own Business' audio CD

It's a myth that "good work gets noticed." To receive attention, authority and respect in organizations you must manage your own career success. In this fast-paced and entertaining program you will learn to develop a strategy to "mind your own business" and succeed.

Important topics in this program include:

  • How to leverage accomplishments.
  • Powerful communication tools to keep management
    "in the loop."
  • Career-killing moves to avoid and career-building steps
    to take.
  • How to banish "idea" thinking and maximize "solution" thinking.
  • An easy-to-follow plan for maximizing performance appraisals while
    simultaneously making it easier for leaders to give appraisals.
  • What to say when others sabotage due to jealousy or fear.
  • How to shine in meetings and other group discussions.
  • What to say to ensure credit for ideas, while still being a team player.
  • Powerful words and phrases that communicate confidence.

With an emphasis on practical tools that can be used now, this program can help you achieve your peak performance potential.

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