Communicate to Keep EmCommunicate to Keep 'Em

Enhancing Employee Engagement Through Remarkable Communication

Employees who are engaged are emotionally committed to their work. They show up to work and give their best. They offer up new ideas and suggestions. They are positive and energized. The are interested in their organizations’ success. Enhancing employee engagement is everyone's job. In this insightful book discover:

  • Why engaging communication matters and how to incorporate it into day-to-day interactions.
  • How to make small changes that positively impact key drivers of employee engagement.
  • Easy ways to engage in performance management conversations.
  • The secrets of powerful praise.
  • Ways professionals unwittingly sabotage engagement and what to say instead.
  • How to "ditch the don't" and other engaging communication choices.
  • Clever tactics for helping people feel respected and valued.
  • And much more!
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