Snap Out of ItGot EQ?

How to Communicate with Emotional Intelligence

Want to be a better leader? Employee? Colleague? Friend? Family member? If so, this book is for you. Loaded with easy to implement tips to help you understand and enhance your emotional intelligence, this book holds the secrets to your unlimited success.

The ability to communicate with emotional intelligence can make or break success in every area of life. Emotionally intelligent people are more promotable, have better working and personal relationships, and are, overall, better equipped to deal with challenges and obstacles.

And yet many people are not sure what emotional intelligence is, or how to get it, improve it, and use it. If you want to harness and improve the power of your emotional intelligence–your EQ–this book is the resource you need.
Loaded with tools, tips, and techniques you can use immediately, this book will give you a better understanding of what EQ is, show how to enhance yours and, most importantly, help you use your EQ to enhance your communication.

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