Sometimes You're the Bug... Sometimes You're the Windshield

Communication Skills to Decrease Stress

Learn communication skills to decrease stressAnxiety, fatigue, forgetfulness, an inability to relax and "outbursts" are all signs that stress is reducing productivity and damaging relationships. Demanding lives will always have some stress. Some stress can fuel creativity, energize and motivate, and ignite personal bests.

However, too much stress or stress that is poorly managed can create distress. Learn to balance and work within optimal stress levels and protect against the dangers of overstress by mastering remarkable communication skills.

This interactive workshop leads participants to:

  • Discover what stress is and what stress is not.
  • Identify the warning signs that stress is reducing productivity and what to do  about it.
  • Discover real world time management techniques to lessen the pressure and learn  to communicate powerful choices to those around.
  • Create positive responses to challenging events and stress by mastering self-talk.
  • Learn powerful communication techniques to manage anger (yours and others).
  • Communicate assertively to improve relationships, productivity and satisfaction.
  • Use remarkable communication techniques to diffuse potentially stressful situations.
  • Acquire new stress busters based on personal values, beliefs and priorities in order to nip people-pleasing over commitment in the bud.

Let's face it, stress is inevitable. How we manage and communicate through stress often spells the difference between failure and success. By making powerful communication choices, we can reap the rewards of less stress and more productivity.

Hire Pamela Jett to teach your team communication skills to decrease stress.