Say it With Backbone... Not Bite

Assertive Communication Skills

Learn assertive communication skillsAssertive communication is the hallmark of a true professional. In this powerful, skill building program you will learn to communicate assertively in a variety of challenging situations so you can be a positive role model to those you work with and for.

Are you secretly afraid that you come on too strong or are perceived as a doormat? Would you like to be seen as confident, trustworthy and professional?

Assertive communication is the key. And, assertive communication is a choice—one every professional
can master.



In this interactive session, you will learn:

  • What assertiveness is and what it is not.
  • How to avoid the perils and pitfalls of passive-aggressiveness.
  • Clever tactics to deal with the passive-aggressiveness of others.
  • New strategies for handling difficult conversations and conflict.
  • How to assertively say "no"—and not feel guilty.
  • Surprising words to avoid and powerful words to choose instead.
  • Proven language patterns to deal with requests for your time.
  • How to use assertive communication to maintain control of your day and productivity.
  • The best kept secrets superstars use to assertively communicate to leadership.
  • How to build inner victory for outer communication success.

Powerful, assertive communication skills yield better relationships, increase productivity, improve team involvement and decrease tension. No one wins when issues are ignored or tensions are stockpiled. Gain remarkable tools and learn the "words that matter" to communicate confidently in today’s challenging workplace. And the real payoff comes when you discover how easy it is to say it with backbone not bite and make work easier.

Hire Pamela Jett to coach you on improving assertive communication skills.