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Dynamic Keynote Presentations & Interactive Workshops

Pamela Jett, CSP is a professional speaker, author and communication skills expert whose dynamic keynote presentations and customized communication training and breakout sessions focus on remarkable communication skills for business success.

Her high-energy, high-content and high-impact programs earn rave reviews and can help make your convention, association meeting or corporate event an effective and rewarding experience. Pamela delivers effective communication tips and strategies for remarkable results.

Keynote Presentations (up to 90 minutes)

Communicate to Keep 'Em: Enhancing Employee Engagement Through Remarkable Communication

Leaders and employees alike must have communication tools to keep people engaged. By mastering simple language patterns and by making a few easy tweaks in day-to-day communication, professionals can reap the rewards of engaging communication. It takes no more time or energy to choose the best engaging words as opposed to defeating and deflating words. This program ignites engaging communication by discovering the words to choose and the words to lose. Fast-paced, interactive, and solution-rich, this program will enhance employee engagement at every level.

Words Matter: Remarkable Communication Skills for Remarkable Results

Have you ever been at a loss for words? How often do you find yourself saying "I wish I knew how to communicate with more confidence"? Do you frequently wonder what to say—especially when you feel pressured? If so, join the esteemed group of professionals who dare to communicate better!

Success is An Attitude: A Words Matter Motivational Experience

Top performers have a blueprint for success that everyone can model. This wildly popular program can ignite everyone, from team leaders to team members, to reach their peak performance potential. This program makes a terrific opening, luncheon or closing keynote.

Workshops (half-day, full-day, or multi-day)

Snipers, Steamrollers and Chronic Complainers:
Remarkable Communication Tools for Dealing with Difficult People

Get past the drama of difficult people and on with the business of being productive. Imagine how you and your organization would profit—literally—if team members could deal productively with difficult people and utilize more effective communication in conflict and confrontation.

Say it With Backbone… Not Bite: Assertive Communication Skills

Assertive communication is the hallmark of a true professional. In this powerful, skill building program you will learn to communicate assertively in a variety of challenging situations so you can serve as a positive role model for those you work with and for.

Communicate, Lead, Succeed

Can you really afford to learn communication and leadership skills through trial and error? Proven solutions and solid skills are needed to become a strong, confident leader. In this intensive program you will master remarkable communication techniques that establish your credibility and unite a high performance team. This event will help you gain essential leadership and communication skills for understanding, relating to, leading and working more effectively with all types of people... even the most difficult!

Sometimes You’re the Bug … Sometimes You’re the Windshield:
Communication Skills to Decrease Stress

Anxiety, fatigue, forgetfulness, an inability to relax and "outbursts"are all signs that stress is reducing productivity and damaging relationships. Demanding lives will always have some stress. Some stress can fuel creativity, energize and motivate, and ignite personal bests. However, too much stress or stress that is poorly managed can create distress. Learn to balance and work within optimal stress levels and protect against the dangers of overstress by mastering remarkable communication skills.

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